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Terms & Privacy

The users of need to accept this terms before using our service. If the below terms not suitable for you, kindly don't use our service.


1) Payments:

1) Provide correct account details for receiving payment, and we cannot reverse payment once order gets processed.

2) Make exact payment for which you are creating order and make it before payment timeout, and then our website cannot detect your payment and order will cancel automatic in 15 min. Once order canceled create a new order that matches your payment amount, our website will auto detect and completed your order.

3) We won't recalculate market rate once order confirmed after getting payment details.

2) Service Availability: cannot guarantee 24 Hours to be online always. It can be offline due to any server failure or natural disasters or server maintenance and website upgrade. Will be notified on social media and news section.

3) Privacy:

The information submitted in will not be sold, and it will be kept secure.

Date Updated: 18-11-2016